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Welcome to My 3D World!

Greetings! I'm Jeffrey Norris, the creative force behind My 3D World—a manifestation of my lifelong passion for the visual arts. From the days of my childhood, when I immersed myself in drawing, painting, and crafting, to owning Unique Expressions, an art gallery and frame shop, art has been my constant companion.
In 2008, during my travels through the enchanting landscapes of Thailand, I stumbled upon a remarkable figurine of a monk. The intricate detailing left me in awe and sparked a profound realization—I wanted to craft extraordinary figurines imbued with meaningful messages. This became my vision, and the journey into the realm of 3D sculpting, 3D scanning, and 3D printing began.
Establishing My 3D World in 2015 was a fulfillment of that vision. Our focus revolves around crafting incredibly lifelike replicas and busts of both people and pets. Witnessing the joy and wonder in people's eyes as they experience our creations has been immensely rewarding.
Join us on this artistic expedition, where every creation carries a purpose and every bust tells a story. From military, graduations,

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weddings, past memories, and more; our product will bring you happiness and create those lasting memories. Together, let's explore the world of My 3D World and celebrate the beauty of art and individuality. Welcome to a world where art transcends boundaries and every creation is a testament to the profound essence of being.

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